Welcome to Machine Learning tutorials with R. This is a mini-site of I’ve created in rmarkdown to host notes on R and ML algorithms for two Data Mining courses I teach.


The tutorials, besides including the author’s original contributions and knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms and R, also include contributions from other material and more specifically: 1) from an introductory R leaflet from the Pattern Recognition course leaflets of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Fall semester 2016, authors: Themistoklis Diamantopoulos/Michalis Papamichail, professor: Andreas Symeonidis), 2) the leaflet from the course CS545 Machine Learnig (Fall 2008, author and professor: Charles W. Anderson) and 3) Software Caprentry lessons like Programming in R from which the inflammation data were also included.


This work is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution license.